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on the whole in the Polyprotodorit forms, such as the Thylacine,
Dasyures, etc., but is found in so many of them that the
two divisions of the Marsupials, the Diprotodonts and the Poly-
pro todonts, cannot be raised to distinct orders on this and other
grounds. The marsupial pouch of the Marsupials must not, as
has been already pointed out, be confounded with the pouch of the

Fia. 59.óBock Wallaby (Petrogale xanthopits}, -with young in pouch.      x 3.
(After Vogt and Speclit.)
Monotreme mammals. Distinct teats are found in the iiiarsupium
of the Marsupials, while there are none in the mammary pouch of
the Monotreme, the pouch Itself indeed representing an un-
differentiated teat, of which the walls have not closed up. The
pouch opens forward in the KangaroOvS, and backwards in the
Phfilaiigers and in the Polyprotodonts. Its walls are supported, by
a pair of bones diverging from each other in a V-shaped manner;
these are cartilaginous and vestigial in the Tbylaciiie.